Accent lights are practical but placing the right decorative light in the right spot can help you create a unique atmosphere. Decorative lighting is an easy way to upgrade a room. You might need some accent lights for practical reasons but consider these five uses for decorative lights in your home to create a more welcoming space.

Create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom

Whether you watch TV or read a good book before falling asleep, the right lighting can help you relax and get ready for bed. Instead of leaving the overhead light on, add a soft light fixture on the wall or find a lamp that will look great on your nightstand. You can opt for a coloured bulb to create a soothing atmosphere. A soft light is also a great option if your child is afraid of the dark.

Upgrade Your Home Office Or Reading Nook

Add a unique lamp to your home office or decorate your reading nook with an LED light chain to make this space easier to use. An accent light will make it easier to focus on your book or on your work and you won’t have to rely on natural sunlight or on the ceiling light when you want to work or read.

Spend More Time Outside

Decorative lighting is not just for the inside of your home. If you have a patio, a deck or an outside area with some furniture, upgrade it with some solar-powered outside lights. These lights are also very convenient if you want to light up the path that leads to your home or want to be able to easily back up in your driveway at night.

Decorate Your Mirrors

Adding a string of LED lights around your mirrors is a very affordable project but it will really make a difference. Good lighting will help you create a flawless look when you get ready and LED lights are very easy to install compared to other types of light fixtures. LED lights will make your small bathroom look larger. If you use a closet to organize your clothes, add a mirror on one of the doors and turn it into a dressing room by decorating it with some LED lights.

Save Energy

Relying on decorative or accent lights means you won’t need to use your ceiling lights as much. This should help you reduce the amount of electricity you use. There are plenty of environmental-friendly options for accent lights, such as solar-powered lights, smart bulbs or LED lights. Pay attention to how you currently use your ceiling lights and ask yourself if you could reduce this use by adding a few accent lights in the right spots.

Adding a few accent lights to your home will make some areas more convenient to use and will allow you to create a soothing atmosphere if you choose a soothing light. You can also use decorative lights outside of your home or add some light fixtures in different rooms to save energy.

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