Designing Spaces Perfectly

Smart Ways to Maximise Space in a Compact Kitchen

We might all dream of a huge, family kitchen, but most of us should make do with something more diminutive.
That said, whatever the size of our kitchen, the demands we place on it tend to be the same. We want it to function well as a place to prepare and cook meals.
We might also like to be able to sit and eat in there, even if just perched at a breakfast bar; we need the space to contain a lot of different objects, from chunky appliances to cutlery, crockery and food.
Wall cupboards can eat into the space in a very small kitchen, but you can still make any wall work for you by fitting racks, rails and slim shelves.
These can hold anything from saucepans, utensils, mugs and pots holding cutlery.
There are heaps of clever space-saving ingredients that can be built into a new kitchen.
So if you’re starting from scratch, look out for things like slim spice jar storage, knife drawers, kickboard drawers and integrated chopping boards that slide over a sink or pull out from the wall.
The good news is, with some clever planning and great design, it is possible to squish all these functions into one tiny space, as these inspiring spaces demonstrate.

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