Art Deco works superbly when it comes to bathroom design, with the monochrome colours of black and white proving a popular choice; however, you don’t need to be restricted to just these.

The main features being bold, geometric shapes and strong colours. The great thing about Art Deco is that, although it is a design from the early part of the 20th Century, individual touches can be added to make the feel as modern or retro as you like. Classic black and white tiles, used either on the floor or wall, can be simple and relatively inexpensive. Sticking to wall tiles in essential areas, such as around the basin, bath or shower, is an economical way of adding tiled finishes to your bathroom. You can bring your Art Deco bathroom together by adding finishing touches in the form of bathroom accessories.

A toilet or wall mirror are essential in a bathroom and can help to add light into a small room, look for bevelled mirrors with a luxury, glitzy finish, or a simple angular mirror. In terms of materials, items including frosted glass and chrome were popular in the Art Deco period; best to choose chrome or frosted glass accessories, such as a toothbrush, soap holder, towel or robe hook. Alternatively, for a bit of glitz, add a few metallic or shiny mosaic tiles; if you have a small budget in mind, paint the remaining walls.
If you love geometric designs, look out for bathroom wallpapers. There are lots of gorgeous geometric wallpapers available; just remember to pick a design suitable for use in a bathroom for a stunning feature, paper one wall only. If you want something more eye-catching, go for Art Deco printed wallpaper but keep in mind that it should withstand the humidity, which is traditional for bathrooms.
Marble is a timeless idea for any bathroom, and an Art Deco bathroom will look very exquisite with any kind of marble – white, grey or black, both on the floor and walls. As for tiles, choose glossy ones: black, white, navy, emerald or any other colour you like. Black and white are the most popular colours for decorating Art Deco spaces, and creating various geometric patterns of them is a chic idea. Subway tiles are also welcome, they look super cool and aren’t costly, besides, these tiles have made a huge comeback now. Your bathroom vanity will help you to highlight your Art Deco style.
It can be a stunning black and brass vanity, a double or single one, or a gorgeous black vanity with geometric brass inlay, or maybe a marble vanity – just a marble countertop is enough to make the bathroom look amazing. Various geometric detailing is welcome, and rock a matching mirror; sunburst mirrors are also amazing 1920’s style. Brass and copper are also welcome in terms of decoration, can also use different fixtures in these metals to tie up the parts of the bathroom.

There are many people who tend to associate Art Deco interiors with the application of black and white. That’s not actually wrong since classical or vintage style is also commonly related to those colours but actually, it’s not always so. You can use any colour which seems modern, as long as the colours maximise the classic touch, it will still be appropriate to the theme of Art Deco you want to have.


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